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Cactus, TX, Beef Production Facility

Team Member Spotlight

Cactus team member Alja Davis began working for JBS USA in May 2018, however, 6 months prior to that, his life looked very different. Born and raised in Amarillo, TX, Davis moved back to the area in 2016, living at the Salvation Army for a year. In 2018, he began doing volunteer work at the Guyon Sanders Resource Center, where the JBS USA Cactus beef team frequently recruits from in partnership with Mustard Street Charities. It was at the Resource Center that Dr. Jack Mustard introduced Cactus Employment Manager, Brenda Miramontes, to Davis, landing him a new job with the Cactus team. Today, Davis says he loves his job because it provides him stability and security. Since the Cactus facility offers a bus service to team members commuting from Amarillo, Davis is able to stay in his home town and be back on his feet financially. When asked what advice he would give to others, Davis said, “Seize the opportunity if you want to make a change in your life.”