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Pilgrim’s Moy Park

Responsible Soy Sourcing Policy

At Moy Park

Our vision is to be leader in sustaining air, water and land by minimizing the resources needed to produce quality chicken products and minimizing waste generated.

We are continually strengthening our commitment and evolving our approach. This includes efforts to ensure the responsible sourcing of our raw materials.

We are dedicated to responsible sourcing and the stewardship of the precious natural resources required to produce our products and feed millions of families around the world each day.

We recognize the need to accelerate progress towards a secure, resilient supply of sustainable soy, therefore we are taking action to ensure that soy production is more sustainable and deforestation-free for the long term.

In order to achieve this, we have divided our strategy into two phases:

In phase 1, we will act as a catalyst for change. We recognize the need to take immediate action in our own supply chains and stimulate market demand for sustainable, zero-deforestation soy.

In phase 2, we want sustainable, zero-deforestation soy to be the norm. Supporting market transformation, we want to play our part and see physical supply chains of sustainable, zero-deforestation soy into the UK and Europe.

We also actively support the following industry commitments:

  • Signatory of Support to the Cerrado Manifesto – a call to action to halt deforestation and native vegetation loss in Brazil’s Cerrado
  • Member of the UK Roundtable for Sustainable Soy – The roundtable brings together significant players in the UK soya market, providing a pre-competitive space for companies and industry associations to work together to achieve a shared goal of a secure, resilient, sustainable supply of soya to the UK
  • Member, Round Table for Responsible Soy (RTRS) – The Round Table on Responsible Soy is a civil organization that promotes responsible production, processing and trading of soy on a global level

The Issue

Our business depends on a stable climate and access to energy and natural resources. When those resources are under stress, our business experiences stress too. That is why Moy Park is focusing on doing our fair share. Protecting and conserving natural resources used to produce our products, and specifically preventing deforestation is an integral part of Moy Park’s ‘Sustainability 2025’ program.

To better understand our current deforestation risk, we are undertaking an assessment of our global supply chains and will prioritize our actions based on geographic risk and the strategic importance of the raw material so that we may service our customers.

Our Approach

We are focused on developing our business in a sustainable and ethical way, investing and improving wherever we can in all aspects of our corporate responsibility.

Our five key areas are:

  • Acting responsibly – Behaving as a responsible business with robust compliance
  • Growing food sustainably
  • Resource efficiency – Operating efficiently and effectively through operational excellence
  • Minimising our environmental impact
  • Contributing positively to the way people live

However, we understand that we are stronger when we deliver together, and to find solutions to really big issues we all have to work collaboratively.

Our first step is focused on our direct operations, which is where we have the most control and influence. In our extended supply chains, addressing land use change and ending deforestation are our biggest opportunities to reduce GHG emissions. Our ambition is to end deforestation in our supply chains.

Collaborating with Stakeholders across the supply chain – farmers, suppliers, and NGOs – is critical to making progress on deforestation. We are working together / collaboratively to improve agronomic practices, to reduce GHG emissions and in some cases to sequester carbon.

Our Commitments

Moy Park’s goal is to ensure there is no deforestation across our targeted supply chains by 2025. To achieve this, we will pursue a policy of sourcing these raw materials in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Raw materials will be sourced only from bona fide sources and in compliance with existing local land and forest use laws
  • No deforestation of primary forest or areas of high conservation value
  • No burning to clear land for new developments or to re-plant existing developments
  • Compliance with the criteria set out in Group’s Supplier Requirements Manual, including Moy Park Supplier Code of Business Ethics and Conduct which outline our expectations aligned to the ETI Base Code.

To satisfy these commitments we will seek traceability from our raw material suppliers back to the agricultural point of origin. Where we become aware that Moy Park’s commitments with regard to deforestation are not being met, we will engage with suppliers to seek clear, time bound action plans to address any issues identified. Where suppliers fail to adequately address the concerns raised, we will consider a range of options up to and including the removal of that supplier from our approved vendor base.

Implementation and Monitoring

Moy Park will evaluate performance on a regular basis and will provide updates on our progress at least annually.