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Packinghouse 101

Several times a year, the JBS USA Beef team hosts Packinghouse 101, a three-day conference where facility-based managers, supervisors and leaders come together to develop “hard skills” related to the packinghouse business. During the program, participants are immersed in the complete packinghouse business (Buy-Make-Sell), develop a keen understanding of the JBS Mission, Values and Beliefs and have the opportunity to learn from each other, grow and share best practices. Sessions are hosted over the three-day period by business unit leaders who educate participants on what it truly means to be “the best” and the value of top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top leadership development.

First launched in 2018, the program sought to produce five desired outcomes across the business:

  1. improved KPI results such as hourly turnover, yields, customer service, claims and costs
  2. decreased management turnover
  3. broadened business skill sets among managers and supervisors
  4. expanded comprehension of the total business/knowledge beyond own department
  5. reduced department silofication/increased team collaboration

Since implementation of Packinghouse 101, more than 300 participants have graduated from the program, and JBS USA Fed Beef facilities have seen reduced management turnover, fewer claims, higher quality products delivered to customers and increased internal customer service. Ultimately, participants graduate from Packinghouse 101 more aligned with the business’ goals, KPIs and performance expectations – having developed a “One Team” attitude toward delivering results.