Energy and Emissions | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Our Commitment

Air quality and greenhouse gases are a top concerns for our team and the communities where we operateas such we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our energy efficiency and reduce air emissions.

Reducing Energy and Greenhouse Gasses

Our environmental teams work to implement best practices for energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our operations.

We continuously invest in energy efficient technologies including LED lighting, real-time measurement devices, predictive maintenance, more efficient equipment, electrification of heating systems and transportation and more efficient refrigeration systems.

To date, 12 of our facilities use biogas as a renewable energy source, and seven have implemented solar systems. These solar systems are located in the U.S., one in Australia and three in Europe. The share of indirect energy from renewable sources across our JBS USA facilities, globally, is approximately 4%. Pilgrim’s UK sources 100% renewable energy.

2020 Progress


Energy & Emissions